Rakshabandhan Festival History, How to Celebrate and Rakhi Gifts for Sisters

RakshaBandhan (Rakhi) – Indian Festival of Brothers and Sisters:

Rakshabandhan or Rakhi as the name suggests It is a festival of “Bond of security, care, love & affection among brothers, cousins and sisters.

This festival symbolizes love, care & affection among brothers & sisters and brother’s feeling of security towards their sisters.

Hindu religion is well-known for its festivals. In India, not only Hindus but also every religion like Muslims, Christians and Sikhs celebrate their festivals with lot of fun. Rakshabandhan (Rakhi) is famous festival of Hindu religion.

Rakhi is the symbol of relationship between brothers and sisters. Sisters tie Rakhi(a sacred thread) on the wrist of her brothers and brothers promise to save her life. Rakshabandhan also have its historical and religious values and these values made this festival very important.

Rakshabandhan is celebrated in India and Nepal.

Mythological and Historical Traces

At first in Hindu mythology Rakshabandhan can be traced in the Dwarf Incarnation (Vaman Avtar) of Lord Vishnu. When the Demon King Bali was performing a rite, Deity King Indra, being afraid of losing his empire, requested Lord Vishnu to save them. Then Lord Vishnu incarnated as a Dwarf (Vaman) and reached the place of King Bali and asked for just a little of three steps of land. Bali was a great donor that’s why donated the same. Then Lord Vishnu measured the whole world in three steps and sent Bali the world underground. Bali secured a promise from Lord Vishnu for staying in front of him all the time by his devotion. Goddess Lakshmi was so troubled of this. Goddess Lakshmi went to Bali and made him her brother by tying Rakhi. In return she took Lord Vishnu back with her. It was the day of full moon (Purnima) of Shravan month.

Rakshabandhan In Mahabharat:

Mythological traces of Rakshabandhan can also be found in Mahabharat. When Yudhishthir asked Lord Krishna, “How can I overcome all these problems?” Lord Krishna suggested him to celebrate Rakshabandhan for him and his army. Lord Krishna’s index finger was injured while slaying Shishupal, Draupadi tore her Sari and tied a strip on his finger to stop bleeding. It was also the day of full moon of Shravan month. Krishna in return protected her prestige while her clothes were being taken off by Dushashan in Duryodhan’s courtroom.

Rakshabandhan in Heaven:

As per Indian mythology this festival is related to Gods and Demons fight. God Indra is defeating so his wife Shashikala tied a sacred thread to Indra’s wrist. Indra won this war against Demons with the help of that sacred thread. This thread is called “Raksha-sutra” or “Rakshabandhan”


Historical Facts of Rakshabandhan:

Queen Karmavati send Rakhi to Mughal Emperor Humaun


Chittaur queen Karmavati send rakhi to Mughal Emperor Humayun when Bahadur Shah of Gujrat attached on her. Humayun know the value of Rakhi and honor it, he send his army to save Queen Karmavati.


Rakhi Saved Life of Great Alexander

Alexander married to Indian lady Roxana. She know about the power of Indian King Puru. She tied Rakhi to Puru and Puru promised her to not kill her husband. During the war between Alexander and Puru, Alexander fell down his horse. Puru has a chance to kill Alexander but he remember the promise to his sister Roxana(because she tied Rakhi to Puru and became his sister). Puru didn’t kill Alexander and finally defeated this war.

How to Celebrate:

Girls and ladies after taking bath and dressing with new clothes in morning assemble the Puja thal. They put in this plate roli or turmeric, akshat, lightened deepak and sweets along with rakhi. Boys and men, after taking bath and dressed in new clothes, sit on an appropriate place. At first Gods are worshipped and then sisters put a teeka on brother’s forehead, put some akshat on teeka and spread some on brother’s head, aarti is performed and then rakhi is tied on brother’s right hand’s wrist. Brothers give money or gift to their sisters in return. In this way after completion of rakshabandhan ceremony food is taken. Like any other festival, importance of gifts and special edible dishes cannot be denied with respect to rakshabandhan. In general Lunch is pretty important in this festival because there is a tradition of observing a fast by sisters until the ceremony of rakshabandhan is completed.

Priests and preceptors, reaches the homes of their patron in morning and tie rakhi to them and receive money, clothes and food in return. This festival is rooted so deeply and extensively in the Indian society that no religion, mythology, history, literature and films are left untouched beside its social importance.

Gifts of Rakhi Enhances love & affection between brothers and sisters

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Raksha Bandhan shows love between brothers and sisters. Sisters bond the Rakhi (Sacred Thread) on the wrist of brothers. Brothers give them some gifts on this occasion. Choose special Rakhi and cards for sisters.

Sweets are the main part of every Indian festival. Before some years ago ladies make sweets at home but trends are now changing. people prefer to send sweets and dry fruits online. Here are some sweet gifts for Raksha Bandhan festival.

Festivals and gifts follow each other. Gifts are not just formality but recognition of kinship. It symbolizes our emotions which makes the festival memorable and enriches colors of relationship. Diversity in festivals as well as gifts is natural. Rakshabandhan is the festival of love and affection between brothers and sisters in which love and gifts both stands together. In fact this is a relation in which gifts are rightfully claimed and willfully given and not just formally inquired off. Costs of gifts don’t defy the sweetness of this festival because where there are emotions, everything else become less important. If you want to make it memorable with your gifts then don’t get tangled in difficult situation. Just take a look over here while buying a gift for your sister-


When the dear sister is younger:

It is said that younger sister is dearest to her brother and who can see his loving sister weeping or staying sad on this special day of Rakshabandhan. If you wanted to surprise your younger sister then buy a gift which she liked most. If she likes to play with dolls, gift her doll which she liked most, if she loves wearing new dresses, you can buy a new fashionable dress of her favorite color. If she likes watching cartoons, then a video CD of her favorite cartoons can be a better gifting option. Along with all these you an also gift her chocolates, cakes and sweets.

When sister is in youth:

If your sister is school or college going girl, then it is expected that her hobbies must be distinct and related to youth of new generation. You can bring a smile on their face by gifting them new fashionable dress, jewellery, purse, watch, mobile or vehicle etc.


When sister is married:

There are some common gifts for married sisters. For example Sari, Suit, Gold jewelry etc. which can be suited in any of the festivals. But if you want to do something different then you can buy a holiday tour package ticket for her with family, a surprise party in a hotel can also be organized, vehicle, childhood days photograph in an attractive photo frame. All of the above can be great gifting options for making this day memorable.

Then why don’t you buy a special and lovely gift for your sister and watch out a big smile on her face. But remember your gift should be like that, your sister exclaims with joy and surprise, “Wow brother! What a gift?”


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